FotoFinder Technology

Fotofinder Vexia

Our clinics use FotoFinder Vexia with Medicam 1000s Advanced Digital Skin Cancer Imaging Technology to capture, analyze, and store high-resolution images of your skin lesions for comparison over time to assess for changes of concern.

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FotoFinder Vexia

FotoFinder is the global epitome of cutting-edge skin imaging technology.
The FotoFinder helps document the entire skin and individual lesions over time and visualize changes as early as possible.

FotoFinder Technology

Medicam 1000s is the benchmark for photographic and video dermoscopy worldwide. Its advanced design features make it possible to capture perfect microscopic photos as well as excellent macroscopic and clinical images. The camera is color-calibrated and completely software-controlled, ensuring consistent imaging conditions.

Our clinic uses the FotoFinder Vexia with Medicam 1000s to magnify, digitally capture, and assess the likelihood of a cancerous mole. Your doctor’s clinical decision-making is governed by the magnification and clarity in the detail of your skin lesions. This technology allows us to confidently provide you with the very best skin cancer detection and management available.

FotoFinder displays the dermoscopy as a Full HD live image for you to see and discuss with your doctor.

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