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Skin Cancer Centre Mulgrave

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals providing skin cancer checks, assessments and treatments. Dr. Ankur Bansal is a well-known Skin Cancer Doctor with expertise in Skin Cancer Checks and Surgical Management in South-Eastern Melbourne for over a decade. We are proud to announce that he has now commenced Skin Cancer Services through Advanced Skin Cancer Centre and can see you immediately!


Skin Cancer Check

A skin cancer screening involves a thorough examination of your skin by a qualified healthcare professional. During your screening at our skin cancer clinic Mulgrave, the doctor will carefully inspect your skin, looking for any suspicious moles, lesions, or irregularities. They will use a FotoFinder, latest digital image technology, to assess and monitor your moles.


Mole Mapping Technology

Mole-mapping technology is the use of advanced digital imaging system designed to create a precise and detailed map of your skin, particularly focusing on moles and other skin irregularities. This technique utilizes high-resolution cameras and specialized software to capture and analyze images of your skin, allowing for the early detection of any changes or abnormalities.

Doctor Ankur Bansal - Adanced Skin Cancer Centre

Dr Ankur Bansal

  • Master’s of Medicine (Skin Cancer) (University of Queensland)
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Surgery
  • Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine
  • Diploma in Dermoscopy
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Dr Ankur Bansal has over 18 years’ experience in surgical and specialised skin cancer management, Dr Ankur Bansal holds advanced qualifications in skin cancer, including a master’s degree in Skin Cancer Medicine, a Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine and a Diploma in Dermoscopy.

Prior to specialising in skin cancer medicine, he worked in the field of surgery at Monash Health, Dandenong, Footscray, and Sunshine Hospitals. Apart from surgical skin cancer procedures, Dr Bansal also performs cosmetic procedures, including the removal of moles, lipomas, cysts, and other skin blemishes. He is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of skin cancer and related skin conditions, and looks forward to providing you with prompt and effective care to keep your skin healthy and safe.

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